NEWS: ArtScience Museum Holds Free Screenings of Asian Movies Under ‘ArtScience on Screen’

30 January 2019


NEWS: ArtScience Museum Holds Free Screenings of Asian Movies Under ‘ArtScience on Screen’

ArtScience Museum introduced its ArtScience on Screen programme in 2015 as part of their ongoing strategy to produce and curate content for its permanent galleries. This free programme aims to further explore the interrelationship between art, science and technology. It has since came back for its fourth round to showcase a series of avant-garde and cutting-edge programming at ArtScience Museum.

ArtScience on Screen explores the intersection between art and science using moving image, video and film. In a rolling programme, ArtScience on Screen features a range of exciting filmmakers from Singapore and beyond, at various stages of their careers. Presentations will include solo showcases of artists’ moving image work, curated programmes of films exploring specific art-science themes, feature-length film screenings, multi-screen presentations and creative documentaries that introduce key practitioners and methods in the field. In addition to screenings, the ArtScience Museum will also host regular press conferences, dialogue sessions and masterclasses with acclaimed filmmakers and artists.

ArtScience on Screen forms the backbone of the museum’s dedicated film programming, and is part of Marina Bay Sands’ ongoing commitment to the local and international film culture and community. The programme comprises screenings of a diverse selection of contemporary motion pictures, ranging from artists’ moving image works, feature-length films, multi-screen presentations, documentaries and essay films. It has been specially curated to engage a wide range of audiences, and aims to inspire participants to discover art and science through the lens of the camera.

“Since its inception, ArtScience Museum has sought to bring together the arts and the sciences, as a way of inspiring creativity and critical thinking. We are thrilled to be able to sharpen our vision with the launch of ArtScience on Screen. This major new creative programme is a platform for both local and international artists to showcase their artistic works. Through ArtScience on Screen, we will show our support for the local film industry, and for artists working in Singapore and beyond, within the medium of moving image. It is an important time for us, as ArtScience on Screen is also a major step forward in our plans to refresh our permanent galleries,” said Ms. Honor Harger, Executive Director of ArtScience Museum. “We are developing our permanent galleries in stages, and will have more exciting news to share in the coming months.”

For more information on ArtScience on Screen, please visit their website.

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