CALL FOR ENTRIES: Filmaka and Indie Film Hustle Team Up for Web-Pilot Competition

23 January 2019


CALL FOR ENTRIES: Filmaka and Indie Film Hustle Team Up for Web-Pilot Competition

Better dust that killer web-series idea off and start honing your elevator pitch because Filmaka and Indie Film Hustle have teamed up to offer an incredible opportunity for a few select content creators: $30,000 to make a web-series.

From now until February 4th, you can submit a written pitch for a three-to-five minute pilot of a web-series you are interested in developing/directing that is based on the theme/topic: The Hustle. It can be any genre but it’s a good idea to keep the eventual, potential budget of $5000 in mind.

Then, starting on February 12th, four finalists will be chosen and awarded $5,000 each to produce the pilot they pitched, after which they will have eight weeks to produce said pilot as well as write and submit nine additional 3-5 minute scripts for the remainder of the first season (10 episode total including pilot).

Finally, on April 15th, a winner will be chosen from the four produced pilots and awarded an additional $25,000 to produce the remaining nine episodes of their web-series’ first season.

The one thing to be clear on up front is that you do have to be a member of in order to enter the competition. The good news is that as little as $15 for the whole year gets the job done.

If you’re not familiar with Filmaka, it is a global platform that hosts ongoing feature film, documentary, web series, and short film competitions throughout the year. Initially launched in 2007, within just a few years Filmaka had 25,000 members from 152 nations who created over 800 hours of original programming. Its members created content for major global brands, shot an award-winning web series, had a commercial air during the Grammys, and directed several feature films. If you spring for the higher tiered memberships, you can submit to more monthly contests throughout the year while the $15 level buys you entry into just one.

Filmaka also has a separate film and documentary competition going on. The film competition ends on February 26th while the documentary competition ends on February 6th. Both have to be within 3-5 minutes and follow the theme, Inside Job and Gritty Gutsy Women respectively.

13 finalists will be selected for the film competition, and the top three winners who will receive cash prizes ranging from $750 to $2500. In addition, the winners are given the ultimate opportunity to enter Filmaka’s Final Competition.

For the documentary competition, members, registered users, and Filmaka executives have the right to vote. The top three winners will be determined by the documentary shorts that receive the most votes. Cash prizes ranges from $150 to $500.

Click here for the terms and conditions.

All films will go live together as per the Calendar dates, but the films uploaded early will get the top slot in the grid. The competitions are open to members of all countries.

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