NEWS: The World’s First Consumer 8K Video Camera is Here, Sort of

12 January 2019


NEWS: The World’s First Consumer 8K Video Camera is Here, Sort of

Buried amongst the many new 8K television announcements at this years CES was one camera from Sharp, and it could be the beginning of an 8K snowball.

Whether you want 8K or not, it’s here, and not surprisingly what we believe to be the world’s first affordable 8K camera  has come from a company that also makes 8K televisions: Sharp. This week Kinotika stumbled upon the camera while roaming the floor of CES, and understandably was a bit taken aback at how low key it was.

The camera, which is currently only a prototype, bears some similarities to the Blackmagic Design P4K. It uses an MFT sized sensor and a mirrorless stills camera style form factor. There’s a full size HDMI output socket, mic in, USB-C, as well as, get the drums rolling, a mini XLR in. Another nice looking addition is a large 5″ full flip out LCD.

Apparently it also has in-body sensor stabilisation, and records to an H.265 type codec via an SD card. Other than that details are pretty vague at this time. There’s no word on a specific price, and the camera doesn’t even have a name or number designation at the moment other than ‘Sharp 8K Camera’. Although Sharp has said that there will be much more information available at this years NAB in Las Vegas.

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Image credit: Redsharknews