CLASSROOM: The Pros and Cons of Shooting Tethered

8 January 2019


CLASSROOM: The Pros and Cons of Shooting Tethered

Shooting tethered can have a lot of benefits that can really add to your workflow whether you’re in the studio or on location, but it’s not without its drawbacks too.

This helpful video from Hk Visuals discusses the pros and cons of shooting tethered. If you’ve not done this before, being tethered simply refers to having your camera hooked up to your computer while you’re shooting, which allows you to instantly transfer the files the moment you take a shot. This can have a lot of benefits beyond simply saving you the time and hassle of shuttling memory cards back and forth between your computer and camera. For example, you can set your raw processing program to automatically apply adjustments to the photos as it ingests them, allowing you to get a better look at what the final product will look like as you’re capturing it.

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Image credit: Hk Visuals

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