COMMENTARY: Five Mistakes Photographers Make When They Move Into Video

7 January 2019


COMMENTARY: Five Mistakes Photographers Make When They Move Into Video

More and more photographers are starting to also add video work to their services, and while there are certainly some similarities between the two, it’s important to understand the differences and unique requirements of video. This great video will show you five of the most common mistakes photographers make when they first undertake video work.

Pierre T. Lambert details five mistakes photographers commonly make when they first pick up video. Of course, the two are like trying to learn Portuguese when you already know Spanish: there’s a ton of similarity, and you have a great head start by knowing photography, but video has its own considerations. For one, you don’t get the same sort of freedom with shutter speed that you do with stills work, and the way that affects the exposure triangle changes how you work. Furthermore, unless you’re shooting ultra-high-level equipment, there isn’t true raw video, and you have to be much more precise when it comes to getting it right in camera.

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Image credit: Pierre T. Lambert

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