CLASSROOM: 50 Television Screenplays to Learn Scriptwriting From

6 January 2019


CLASSROOM: 50 Television Screenplays to Learn Scriptwriting From

Script Reader Pro published an official list in 2017 of 50 movie screenplays available to download for free online, and now the company has done the exact same thing for television screenplays. In an attempt to help aspiring screenwriters learn how to write television spec scripts, Script Reader has made 50 screenplays for television episodes and pilots available for free online.

The scripts are broken into five categories (drama, comedy, action/adventure, thriller, and horror) and cover all formatting options, including single-camera, multi-camera, half-hour, one-hour, network, and cable series.

“If you want to learn how to write for TV, reading these TV pilot scripts is one of the best ways to help boost your writing ability,” Script Reader’s introduction reads. “You will learn how to establish the characters in a pilot, set up the world of the show and all about TV pilot structure. Most importantly, study these TV scripts in order to discover how to create a sense of intrigue that will make a reader want to know what happens in the next episode.”

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