CLASSROOM: How to Export 5x Faster in Premiere Pro CC

5 January 2019


CLASSROOM: How to Export 5x Faster in Premiere Pro CC

It’s safe to say that the bane of any video editor would have to be rendering out their project. Depending on the complexity of the edit, a render can range from a few minutes to several grueling hours of non-productivity. For editors using Premiere Pro CC in particular, rendering can be pretty tedious since the software is notorious for delivering slower rendering times, especially when compared to other NLEs like Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve.

In response to complaints of slow rendering times, Adobe engineers tried to address the issue with a few incremental improvements to Premiere Pro CC one of which being Smart Rendering – a method of speeding up rendering and encoding processes within the platform itself. Seasoned video editor Nathaniel Dodson takes on the task of explaining the advantages of using this functionality in the video below.

For those new to Smart Rendering, the feature essentially reduces the number of times a video has to be recompressed while editing, creating pre-renders, and producing an exported video. That being said, this method only works when your source codec, size, frame rate, and bit rate match your intended export settings. Moreover, only a handful of formats currently support the feature, the list for which can be found on Adobe’s official support page.

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Image/ Video Credit: Adobe/ tutvid

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