NEWS: Google Photos Doubles the Limit on Live Albums

27 December 2018


NEWS: Google Photos Doubles the Limit on Live Albums

Google Photos is an app that has gone by a number of names and transformed itself in appearance and purpose multiple times. The newest feature called Live Albums just received a major upgrade.

Ever since I fully bought into the whole unlimited at high-quality deal offered by Google Photos for free, it has been one of my favourite apps to use. I also suggest it to a number of people struggling with full phones and a lack of understanding related to Apple’s iCloud.

I have been putting photos in the cloud since an amazing desktop program called Picasa allowed you to share photos on their Picasa Web. Picasa was purchased by Google and appears to have been used as the building blocks for Google+’s albums and later Google Photos.

Being such a longtime user means that there are a number of great memories shared in the app under the assistant section. I will receive a notification and a card labeled “rediscover this day” with photos from the current calendar day from the years past. Any parents will love this feature.

Unfortunately for myself and a number of other longtime users, the addition of Live Albums came with a limit of 10,000 photos per album. This meant that shortly after I chose my recognized people and pets for my family live album, it hit the limit and stopped adding new photos.

Well, the developers at Google Photos listened and have recently doubled the Live Album limit to 20,000 photos. My album appears to still be paused at 10,000 but the help section reveals the new rule so I’m confident new photos will start adding once my account receives the new feature.

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