NEWS: New Documentary Reveals Stories of Paranormal Taiwan

18 December 2018


NEWS: New Documentary Reveals Stories of Paranormal Taiwan

HBO Asia announced on Aug 29 plans to film a documentary based on The Teenage Psychic (通靈少女) – an original series that featured an all-Taiwanese cast and received rave reviews after its release in 2017.

The announcement was made to time with the “Ghost Month” in Taiwan, when spirits and deceased ancestors are believed to come out of the underworld and roam the land of the living in the seventh lunar month, said HBO Asia.

The documentary, titled The World Behind the Teenage Psychic (通靈少女背後的神隱世界), will delve into the supernatural world of Taiwan from the perspectives of Taoist and Buddhist religions, traditional temple culture, as well as indigenous beliefs.

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Image credit: HBO Asia

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