NEWS: Fujifilm releases Ver.2.00 firmware for the X-T3

17 December 2018


NEWS: Fujifilm releases Ver.2.00 firmware for the X-T3

Last month at Interbee 2018 in Japan we gave you a sneak peek at the new Ver.2.00 firmware that was coming to the Fujifilm X-T3. Well now you can download that new firmware, but there is a problem. The much-anticipated removal of the 4GB per clip recording limit seems to be missing.

The Ver.2.00 firmware was supposed to no longer split files when they reached a 4GB size. The file was supposed to be recorded as one file providing an SD memory card that is 64GB or bigger in capacity is used. If you use an SD card that is under 64GB in capacity when the file size reaches 4GB, it will be recorded to a separate file. The official word from Fujifilm is that they still plan to introduce this function, but not until early 2019. We are attempting to find out more information as to why this wasn’t part of the Ver.2.00 firmware release.

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Image Credit: Fujifilm

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