NEWS: Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition Reveals Finalist Films

26 September 2018

NEWS: Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition Reveals Finalist Films

The Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition (HSFC) was conceptualized in 2014, to provide a platform to shoot, and showcase, short films about Singapore Heritage. In the course of 5 editions, they have collected numerous entries across all Singaporean cultures, locations and languages. The films have been publicly screened in libraries, galleries, community clubs, and campuses. The films have also been screened across Malaysia (Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johore Bahru and Ipoh) and Japan.

Last Friday, HSFC unveiled the winning films for its 2018 edition, all of which revolve around the theme ‘HERITAGE FOOD’.

The winners are:


Top Prize: A Dying Tradition by Kacangz
The son of a Kacang Puteh man who hails from India strives to keep the traditional trade alive before it vanishes from the face of Singapore.

1st Runner Up: Popiah Family 薄饼家庭 by 24 Productions
At Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat popiah, third generation owner Michael continues handmaking popiah skin. How do they survive and thrive today? 薄饼家庭 explores their hopes, fears and why they persevere.

Merit: SAAPUDU. MAKAN. CHI FAN by SMC Productions
Food forges relationships. In our film, the significance of food and bonds is established. Three Singaporeans (Hakim, Gabbi and Gerald) strengthen their bond through food.

Merit: Mr. Mokhtar’s Kuih Warisan Melayu by RPDMC
In a small HDB shop in Bedok Reservoir, Mr Mokhtar’s “Kuih Warisan Melayu” storefront sells delicacies that hold stories worth generations. But Mr Mokhtar’s own story transcends his love for food. His is about family, friendship and home.


Top Prize: Heirloom Recipes – Hei Bi Hiam / 家传菜 – 虾米香 by Andugo
A Teochew family arrived from China to live in Pulau Tekong. Grandmother was exposed to cuisine by the Malay residents there. Overcoming language barriers, she made alterations, and created their timeless family favourite – Hei Bi Hiam.

1st Runner Up, Tie: A Hakka Grandma’s Labour of Love by CNA Insider, Channel NewsAsia Digital
A Hakka grandma’s cooking is how she bonds with her grandchildren, and her food tells a poignant story of love, hardship and duty over 88 years.

1st Runner Up, Tie: Siew Heng Guo Zeng Zong Dumpling 肇庆裹蒸粽 by Food Revivers
Unlike the usual Duanwu Festival rice dumplings, the mega-size Guo Zeng Zong dumpling is a Chinese New Year delicacy of our Guangdong Siew Heng forefathers in remembrance of Justice Bao.

Merit: Shopping Tips for Indian Cooking by CNA Insider, Channel NewsAsia Digital
Tips and tricks for shopping for Indian home cooking that food blogger Vasunthara picked up while trying to recreate her grandma’s recipes which Alzheimer’s stole.

The winning short films will be compiled into a travelling showcase, which can be screened at libraries, community clubs, galleries, and campuses. This series of free public screenings further encourage people from all walks of our communities, young and old, of different creed, gender and race to visit these old places and watch the films in a communal experience.

Current Screening Details:
11 Nov, Sun, 5pm, Library@Esplanade
18 Nov, Sun, 1pm, Library@Chinatown

In addition, SFS has partnered with the Macau Cultural Heritage Reinventing Studies Association, who are organising a similar heritage short film competition. This year’s finalist films will be screened in Macau on the weekend of 21 October.

For more details, visit:
Website: https://www.singaporefilmsociety.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sghsfc

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