ARRI ALEXA Mini vs Panasonic GH5s Side-By-Side Comparison

3 April 2018


ARRI ALEXA Mini vs Panasonic GH5s Side-By-Side Comparison

There’s a common misconception in the filmmaking community that the more you spend on a camera, the better image quality you will get. While this may be true for specific shooting scenarios, there is no one camera that can be considered as the ultimate performer in each and every situation. Sure, some are better all-around cameras while others could truly shine under certain circumstances such as filming in low-light.

But how about the ARRI ALEXA Mini and the Panasonic GH5s? The next video produced by CineGal compares the two rivals in a detailed series of tests, particularly taking into account low-light performance, motion artefacts, and banding.


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Image Credit: Cinegal

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