The Differences Between a Producer and a Creative Producer

7 July 2016


The Differences Between a Producer and a Creative Producer

Creative producer Sarah Green, known for working with filmmakers with a distinctive vision such as Terrence Malick or Jeff Nichols started as a producer a few decades ago, before moving toward a more creative place. “As a filmmaker working with a Creative Producer, I can already appreciate the added value this team member offers, even though I’m only at the beginning of the process.”

During her SXSW conversation, Green talked about her evolution from Producer to Creative Producer, and what that meant, in terms of mindset and tasks. Here is what she says: “Once you move past the line producer stage, that’s so much more sort of organisational and running things, producing you have to have a business side, and I fortunately had very good teachers, Maggie Renzi being one of the principal teachers who really gave me my first producing job alongside her, asked me to partner with her on City of Hope, the John Sayles movie.

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Image Credit: SXSW