How “˜Finding Dory’ Pre-Show Short “˜Piper’ Bypassed the Pixar Pipeline

4 July 2016


How “˜Finding Dory’ Pre-Show Short “˜Piper’ Bypassed the Pixar Pipeline

If you want to make a short at Pixar, the studio offers a special program where resident artists – those who work anywhere in the company – have the chance to pitch three ideas to a panel of directors. But “Piper” skipped that step entirely, in part because it grew out of an experiment Alan Barillaro was conducting in his spare time.

“In computer animation, the tools aren’t done yet. At Pixar, we’re constantly asking, “˜What’s the best way an artist can express themselves?’ and I take that pretty seriously, so there’s this whole laundry list I have in my head of how can this tool be more visual,” says Barillaro, who used his free time following “Brave” to see whether he could “sculpt” one of Pixar’s existing bird models into a sandpiper.

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via: Variety

Image and Video Credit: Pixar