How Crowdfunding Can Screw Your Distribution Plan

15 March 2016


How Crowdfunding Can Screw Your Distribution Plan

What you do in your crowdfunding campaign can affect the final release of your film – positively and negatively. Here’s what you should keep in mind from the start.

It’s been four years since I ran a Kickstarter campaign of my own, and shared several articles about things to think about before running a campaign of your own (part two here). In that time, I’ve written dozens of drafts of my script, changed titles from Manchild to Amateur, released a short prequel, and now have a 2,337th backer: Netflix. Other than issuing updates to my backers throughout the process, I haven’t been “in the trenches” of running a crowdfunding campaign since 2011. What is new in the world of crowdfunding since then? Turns out, a lot. Many of the capabilities I wanted for my crowdfunding campaign 2011 are now available for you in 2016. And with the progression of many more Kickstarter projects to their ultimate release – though my own is not there yet, as we will be embarking on production soon – there are many new lessons to be learned for the distribution life cycle of your project. These are things you should be thinking about in advance.

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via: No Film School

Image Credit: Asian Entrepreneur