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Trailer: Turtles Can Fly

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A band of orphans at the troubled Iraqi-Turkish border search for mines to sell, a risk-laden venture that mirrors the harsh reality of being stateless. Among them is Satellite, a precocious boy with an uncanny knack for technology, who eagerly awaits the arrival of American troops against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Turtles Can Fly is a deeply humanistic take on international conflict, unafraid to delve into the stories of a marginalised people. Ghobadi also delivers on technique, foreshadowing the changes in the narrative by contrasting devastation and beauty in a war-torn landscape.

Winner of the Peace Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, Turtles Can Fly draws tense, authentic performances from its cast of real-life child refugees amid actual scenes of destruction. It was also the first film shot in Iraq right after the fall of Saddam in 2003.

Turtles Can Fly will be screened as part of Perspectives Film Festival this Saturday at National Museum of Singapore. More details of the event can be found right here via our Events section.

via Perspectives Film Festival

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