5 Hitchcock Techniques You Might Want to Be Using in Your Films

15 October 2015


5 Hitchcock Techniques You Might Want to Be Using in Your Films

Your audience isn’t obligated to watch your film!  So before you finalize that script, shot list, or edit, do everything you can to make it easy for them to keep watching.

It’s common for beginners to get caught up in metaphors, character psychology, and symbolism — those things that high school English teachers beat into us. Yes, intellectual complexity makes for a good story — and good art. But, those things aren’t going to keep your viewers engaged.  Filmmakers should never let highbrow complacency get in the way of good showmanship. Alfred Hitchcock at his best found the perfect balance between the two.

With Hitchcock, his primary goal was to make things as easy for the audience as possible to understand. He removed all vagueness. That way, once he had you, he could make the suspense even stronger.

At Hitch20, we’ve been studying Hitchcock’s 20 works of television, and here are some techniques that have come to the forefront in our research. Employing these tactics into your films is sure to make for a better audience experience

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