SINdie: Review Notes from the 2015 Asian Film Symposium

9 October 2015


SINdie: Review Notes from the 2015 Asian Film Symposium

Over 40 short films at the Asian Film Symposium this year! We tried to bear witness to as many as we could and here is a selection of reviews and thoughts on some of the films.

Scumbag, Pervert and The Girl in Between’ by Bruce Hwang Chen  (Taiwan)
Taiwanese curator Kuo says the film reflects a Taiwanese adulation of Japanese culture and what’s ‘popular’ in Japan and everyone bursts out laughing in the audience. The reason being the ‘trend’ reflected in this film is the stealing of women’s garments. An old man steal a school girl’s shorts but gets confronted by a young man has the hots for the girl and wanted to display some heroism after witnessing the act. The film, with its slapstick direction, hyperbolic facial acting and eye-candy leads bears many of the traits of current popular Taiwanese films like ‘Apple of My Eye’ and ‘Cafe. Waiting.Love’. Yet, its scarcity of dialogue, unlike these blockbusters, bears certain hallmarks of something more independent and edgy.