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Archivists reclaim 2 silent PH films ‘pirated’ by US; film fest opens Friday

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It was a “whodunit” involving a movie, probably now worthy of a movie itself.

This movie, “Brides of Sulu,” opens the three-day 5th International Silent Film Festival to be held at the Shang Cineplex of Shangri-La Plaza Mall starting Friday at 6 p.m.

For years, members of the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film (Sofia) have been investigating whether an American B-movie titled “Brides of Sulu,” released in 1934, was actually two Filipino silent films “reedited and assembled together.”

Sofia member Teddy Co likened it to solving a jigsaw puzzle where “almost all of the pieces are already there.”

After painstaking research that bordered on detective work, Co and colleague Dr. Marti Magsanoc believe they have established a connection between “Brides” and Filipino prewar films “Moro Pirates” and “Princess Tarhata,” both produced in 1931.


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Via Entertainment Inquirer

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