Hooray, Hosaywood!

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His may not be a household name, but home- grown film-maker Jacen Tan is definitely worth taking note of.

The 28-year-old made a splash in 2004 with his first film, Tak Giu (or Kick Ball, in Hokkien).

That film went viral long before the term “YouTube- ing” was coined.

Tan’s second film, Zo Peng (Go Army), went on to win second place at the Panasonic MDA Digital Film Fiesta in 2005. And his third, Zo Gang (Go Work), was screened as part of events in places like Berlin and Budapest.

The beauty of Tan’s films is that they are unabashedly Singapore-centric. The film-maker is unafraid to present social commentary as tongue-in- cheek sketches and his films have been hailed as engaging, relatable and spot-on.

So, it is high time that Tan – who also works as a videographer and a video editor at Razor TV – rolled out a DVD of all his five short films.


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