Mugguru Movie Review

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Mugguru Review – Mugguru Telugu Movie Review, Rating: Mugguru is the latest film from the production of legendary producer D. Rama Naidu, who is making low budget entertainers these days. Director V.N. Aditya has altered his name as Nagendra V. Aditya as per numerology to get back to his hay days. Here is the review of Mugguru…


Pavan (Navadeep), Maruti (Rahul) and Anji (Srinivas Avasarala) are three friends, who don’t have good educational or financial background. They hope to settle big in life by doing anything. They plan to kidnap JP (Ahuti Prasad), but in turn help him out of danger.

JP gets impressed by them and offers them jobs in his Malaysian company and also promises to get them married to his three daughters (Shradha Das, Sanjana and Sowmya). These three goes to Malaysia and impresses JP’s daughter and when things seems a cake walk for them in comes ‘trouble’ in the form of Bala Tripura Sundari (Reema Sen).


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