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Pinto ‘Gives Voice to the Apes’ in Blockbuster Sci-Fi Film

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Freida Pinto has never seen the 1968 original “Planet of the Apes,” but that hasn’t stopped her from leaving an indelible mark on the blockbuster movie franchise.

Twentieth Century Fox’s “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” in which she costars with Oscar nominee James Franco, opened Aug. 5 and raked in a strong $54 million domestically as of Aug. 8.

The film has earned raves from audiences and critics alike, and an impressive Rotten Tomatoes rating of 81 percent; while Time magazine calls it “the year’s finest action movie.”

The 26-year-old Pinto plays Caroline Aranha, a San Francisco primatologist. She comes to the aid of Will Rodman (Franco), a genetic scientist who attempts to refine a drug called ALZ-112, an Alzheimer’s cure, through a controversial chimpanzee drug trial.

When baby chimp Caesar is born in the lab to a drug-administered mother chimp, it soon becomes clear that ALZ-112’s side effects are alarming indeed: Caesar turns out to be a genius who later learns to lead an army of apes in a race to world


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