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Indonesia’s Locked-In Syndrome Keeps Us From Moving in the Right Direction

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The Michael Buble concert on March 9 this year in Singapore told a lot of stories. The concert itself was artfully crafted by the captivating, smooth young Canadian.

Judging by the sold-out crowd, Buble seems to appeal to every demographic group, albeit one dominated by women. More remarkable was the mix of nationalities in the audience. One unofficial head count indicated that about 70 percent of the crowd was Indonesian.

Have Indonesians become avid consumers of sophisticated entertainment or is something amiss in Jakarta that propels one to go abroad simply to fulfill a lust for artistic enjoyment?

The recent tax controversy regarding imported Hollywood movies is telling. The Motion Picture Association of the United States stopped exporting films to Indonesia because of the hullabaloo. The unintended result is that many Indonesians go to Singapore to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters.


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Via The Jakarta Globe

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