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‘Avatar’ Producer on Asia’s Film Future

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Jon Landau is the most successful movie producer in the world. He might be the one who has lost the most money, too.

“Avatar,” which Mr. Landau produced, “is the most pirated movie of all time,” he said during a recent trip to Singapore. Still, the 51-year-old American is not complaining too much — the 3-D film was also the highest-grossing movie of all time, according to Box Office Mojo.

“It played for weeks in China. Piracy did not preclude it from the masses,” he said.

These days, Mr. Landau — who also worked on “Avatar” director James Cameron’s “Titanic” — is excited about the role of Asia in driving box-office trends, as well as developments in 3-D technology.

As chief operating officer of Lightstorm Entertainment, he’s adapting “Titanic” to 3-D and is also working on sequels to “Avatar.” He spoke to The Wall Street Journal from Singapore and the United States about the future of the motion picture industry in Asia. The following interview has been edited.


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Via The Wall Street Journal

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