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Showtime: 5 new film importers to bring back Hollywood

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The 21 Cineplex Group says five new film importer companies will soon supply Indonesian cinemas with Hollywood motion pictures once again.

According to 21 Cineplex Group director Tri Rudi Anitio, the five new companies will work alongside another recently established company, Omega Film, whose shares belong to the group’s high-ranking officials.

Anitio said shares in the new companies would also be held by 21 Cineplex Group officials. However, the group itself, PT Nusantara Sejahtera Raya, will not hold any shares in these companies.

“The six importers will supply films from major producers of Hollywood movies, including Warner Bros, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal and Disney,” Anitio said Wednesday as quoted by kontan.co.id.

Previously, 21 Cineplex Group was only affiliated with three film importer and distributor companies, PT Satrya Perkasa Esthetika, PT Camila Internusa and PT Amero Mitra.


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Via The Jakarta Post

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