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Filmmaker Mouly Surya Gives Voice to Kids with Disabilities

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Award-winning director Mouly Surya spoke to the Jakarta Globe about her upcoming movie “Extraordinary Me,” the story of three blind teenagers and a deaf boy and their journey to rise above challenges in their school.

“All teenagers have dreams, heartbreaks and insecurities. But blind and deaf children have to go through more than that,” said Mouly, the woman behind the much-revered movie “Fiksi” (“Fiction”).

“Extraordinary Me” is a dark comedy about the attempts of these four teenagers to put together the story of their lives into a stage play for the school festival.

“The main concept of this film is to see and hear Indonesia from [the children’s] points of view,” Mouly said.

The 30-year-old filmmaker said that the main inspiration for the film came from the fond memory of her visually impaired cousin.

“I remembered that when we were younger, I used to tag along to [my cousin’s] dorm and see her world with the other visually impaired students,” Mouly said.


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Via The Jakarta Globe

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