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Singapore lures richer Jakarta movie fans, others look to piracy

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As the Hollywood film boycott continues with no sign of an deal between Indonesia and the Motion Picture Association (MPA), some fans are going overseas to watch summer blockbusters.

One film buff, Swasti Istika, said she booked a flight to Singapore for July 28 so she could watch the final film in the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2.

“I have seen all Harry Potter movies. It would kill me if I don’t watch the very last one in the series.”

Swasti said that she would watch the film with her three best friends. “We booked a hotel room and agreed we would evenly share all the expenses for our two-night stay in Singapore.”

Swasti’s friend Mila said the trio would take advantage of the opportunity to watch other summer blockbusters, including Transformers: Dark of the Moon. “We want to make the most of our stay.”


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Via The Jakarta Post

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