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Mother’s non-show biz address

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What makes Mother Lily run? Every day, Regal Films producer Lily Monteverde takes a walk or jogs around a park adjacent to her home in Greenhills, San Juan.

“For at least three hours, day or night,” she says and offers, as proof, the calluses on her feet. “But I have to keep walking,” she adds, “because of an old injury from dancing the tinikling in Dakak resort.”

Not even rain stops her from walking—she’d go round and round her vast living room “at least 200 times.” Which is quite a feat, because it’s as big as a five-star hotel’s ballroom (and also boasts of a baby grand and several crystal chandeliers).

She says the house fits her personality to a T: It’s always ready for parties and entertaining. During gatherings, the producer almost always gives in to guests’ requests for her to play the piano. Actually, she has two baby grands; a third one, an upright piano, is a gift from Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.


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Via Entertainment Inquirer

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