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3D wave set to sweep broadcasting, media trade show in Singapore

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The wave of three-dimensional ( 3D) devices are expected to sweep the upcoming BroadcastAsia in Singapore, with over 650 companies showing the latest products such as 3D and Hybrid TV as well as digital devices and professional audio technologies, organizers said Tuesday.

About 86 percent of the exhibitors at the show, slated for June 21 to June 23, will be from outside Singapore. There will be a strong European presence this year with the group pavilions from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain.

It will also highlight a new cinematography/film/production zone to bring together production companies.

“I think with Asian films evolving and moving at a very astounding speed and also most of the films right now in Asia, you can see they are highly recognized more viewership. So we felt there is a need for us to continue to put equal or important emphasis on cinematography, film and production,” said Calvin Koh, senior project manager of BroadcastAsia.


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Via Xinhua Net News

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