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When will S’pore film see first international hit?

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IN ORDER for Singapore’s budding film industry to gain attention in the global market, film-makers here need to make movies that cater to the world, said American film producer Jon Landau.

The affable film veteran, known for producing the blockbusters Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009), said movies with relatable, universal themes are key. He was speaking to my paper yesterday at Capella Singapore after helming a question- and-answer session, as part of the inaugural film event ScreenSingapore.

Landau, 50, said he saw “a couple” of Singapore films when he visited Singapore 21/2 years ago. While he does not remember their titles, what struck him was that they were “very Singapore culture-centric”.

“I think film-makers in Singapore have to not just think: ‘How do I make films for Singaporeans?’, but ‘how do I make it for a universal audience?’,” he added.

Still, he said, Singapore has a lot going for it. Its melting-pot culture, easy access to other countries, advanced technology as well as its proficiency in the English language makes it a perfect gateway to connect Western and Eastern countries in the film business.


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