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Malaysian preacher warns ‘horror movies’ could turn Muslims into polytheists

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A Malaysian Islamic preacher, Mohammed Daud Che Ngah, has warned that locally produced horror movies and TV dramas could turn Muslim viewers into ‘polytheists’ (people who worship multiple deities or Gods).

“I think the producers are bent on making horror dramas and films because these shows generate good returns,” The Star quoted Ngah, as saying.

Although he acknowledged that artists should be given the freedom to show their creativity, he insisted that they should emphasise more on religious elements.

Earlier, an activist group called Dewan Pemuda Masjid Malaysia had urged the government to curb horror productions in the country.

Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Ridzuan, the champion of reality show ‘Imam Muda’, has said such movies should be censored to ensure that viewers don’t get deviated from their faith or start worshipping ‘satan’ to destroy other people.


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