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‘Any Old Loser Can Find a Man Here’

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In the documentary “Bachelor Mountain,” San Liangzi is a middle-age, divorced logger living in China’s snowy northeast province of Heilongjiang.

Excessive logging and toughening environmental regulations have pushed the local economy to the edge, and many of the inhabitants — especially the women — have long since moved to the city for work.

“Any old loser can find a man here,” says one of the female villagers interviewed. “Most women move to the city. They don’t want to live here in the sticks. We’d all leave if we could.”

Mr. San works occasional odd jobs, and he pines for one of the few single women in town. Wang Meizi — attractive but masculine—lives with her parents and runs an inn. Mr. San has carried a torch for her for years, but she has no interest in marriage. “We all know she’s a lesbian,” Mr. San’s friends tell him in an effort to get him to move on, but he brushes them off with a wave of his hand.

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via The Wall Street Journal

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