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‘Vincent Wants to Sea’ Surprise Lola Winner

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Ralf Huettner’s sleeper hit Vincent Wants to Sea was the surprise best picture winner at the 61st German Film Awards, Germany’s version of the Oscars. Vincent, a featuring a man with Tourette Syndrome and an anorexic, beat out features from more seasoned directors including Tom Tykwer to take the country’s top film honor.

Florian David Fitz, whose better known as a TV performer here, won best actor for his starring performance in Vincent as a Tourette’s sufferer who, once in his life, wants to see the ocean. Fitz also wrote the script to Vincent.

“I know what it sounds like: frustrated TV actor writes himself a handicapped role so he can win prizes,” joked Fitz as he hefted his Lola. “I promise, that’s wasn’t my intention … But it worked.”

Unlike last year’s Lolas, where Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon won 10 prizes, there was no sweep this year. The honors were spread wide.

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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