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Tran Anh Hung enters Norwegian Wood – and emerges to tell the tale

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Tran Anh Hung says he wants to be less interested in films.

He wants to be less steeped in the knowledge of music, art and literature; free of the cultural baggage most people spend a lifetime accumulating.

Despite a career quietly racking up prizes at Cannes, Venice and the Césars, as well as an Oscar nomination, he’d rather not think about the fuss and ceremony of awards, either. Truth be told, the softly spoken 48-year-old Vietnamese-born film-maker wants to be shot of any external pressure that might interfere with him making his meticulously composed films.

It’s a tough challenge: Tran’s latest work is an adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. To describe the novel as a coming-of-age cult classic is something of an understatement; it is by far Murakami’s biggest success, feverishly adored by its fans and translated into 40 languages.

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via The Guardian

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