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Digital Films Sent to China’s Countryside to Diversify Farmers’ Life

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Yang Desheng, a farmer living in Lijun Village, Yongning County of northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, recently joined his fellow villagers watching a film.

The movie was a 2007 comedy, depicting two young men who were brought up in rural areas but worked in a city after graduating from university.

They invited two urban women to act as their girlfriends and brought them to their hometown during the Lunar New Year to try to set aside their parents’ worries over their single status.

“Watching a movie on the big screen was totally different from watching it on television. The visual and audio effects are much better,” said Yang. Although it was shot about four years ago, the movie was still new to most of the villagers like Yang in the country’s far-flung rural areas. In Yang’s village, groups of farmers swarmed into the film projecting tent to enjoy the film.

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