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Lu Chuan holds auditions for next female lead

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Chinese director Lu Chuan is holding open auditions nationwide to find the lead actress for his upcoming film “King’s Feast” (“Wang De Sheng Yan”), Sohu.com reports.

Audition sessions are being held throughout December in seven cities, including Nanjing, Changsha, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changchun and Beijing.

“King’s Feast” will reprise a banquet in 206 B.C. known in historical books as the Banquet of Hongmen (Hongmen Yan). Xiang Yu, an influential military leader at the time, attempted to murder his rival, Liu Bang, during the banquet. Yuji was Xiang Yu’s concubine.

The film’s male leads will include Chow Yun-Fat and Liu Ye, whose roles have yet to be announced. The director has ruled out A-listed actresses and is insisting on what he calls a new face, pure appearance and strong mind.

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