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Death Flicks celebrate life

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DEATH is inevitable, yet most of us fear talking about it.

Local philanthropic organisation Lien Foundation’s film series Death Flicks presents a radical approach to the topic of death and dying.

Anthony Chen

Lien Foundation’s Programme Manager, Gabriel Lim, said the films are launched on YouTube to provide an informal avenue for people to talk about the topic of death.

One of the films featured in the list of films is Ah Ma, which means ‘grandma’ in Hokkein. Produced by Singaporean film maker Anthony Chen who made the film in memory of his late grandmother who passed away in 2005. It captures the final moments of her passing.

Ah Ma (Chinese and Hokkien with Englih subtitles)

About Lien Foundation
Life Before Death is an initiative of The Lien Foundation – a Singapore philanthropic house that advocates better care for the dying. It started Asia’s first centre for research and training in palliative care – The Lien Centre for Palliative Care.

The Life Before Death campaign serves as a catalyst to get people thinking and talking about a universally taboo subject – Death & Dying. These “die–logues” now go online with interactive applications that will guide you – in an unexpectedly fun way – to a more refreshing view of Death.

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via The Straits Times

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