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3D Expo Seeks to Explain New Technology to China

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Following the trend of 3D movies, Ellen Eliasoph, the former head of Warner Bros. China and Bai Qiang teamed up to set up a new company called 3D-China.

It explains and promotes the technology shaking Hollywood to the China’s burgeoning film industry and the growing masses of Chinese middle-class moviegoers.

To encourage the development and domestic use of the technology, the 3D Creation Expo also will feature a short film called Hi from Hollywood, produced by film students at the University of Southern California now taking the classes of professor Michael Peyser, producer of U2 3D, among other films.

“Everybody’s interested in 3D production, but the workflow is not yet standardized so we have lots of room for improvement,” said Zhang Jianlong, who goes by Stego, general manager of new Beijing-based 3D production company d+.

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via The Hollywood Reporter

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