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Man, Jack feels like a woman

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Today got an exclusive look into his dressing room where he endures a two-and-a-half-hour make-up session every time he gets into character as Karen, a Malaysian mother living in Singapore, in Homecoming.

Jack/Karen was forthcoming when talking about the movie, although there was some slight wavering when it came to other questions.

“It’s been eight years since I last acted as a woman for Comedy Night’s Liang Ximei. I wasn’t sure if I still had it in me in terms of comic timing and being in front of the camera, as I had concentrated on being a director over the last few years,” he said.

“This movie isn’t about me. Do let everyone know there are so many other people involved and they have spent so much effort on this. It’d be unfair for anyone to judge it without seeing it first. It’s like condemning a plate of char kway teow without even tasting it.”

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