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Film music sends Central Railways cash registers ringing

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The music launch of filmmaker Farah Khan’s home production Tees Maar Khan had all the usual trappings of a typical Bollywood bash — big stars, live performances, foot-tapping music, and the media in full attendance.

Only the choice of venue was unique — the launch was held on a running train.

“The Central Railway earned revenue of about Rs7 lakh from the event. In fact, film shoots and lending the railways’ rolling stock (coaches, trains and engines) have been a major source of revenue for the CR,” SC Mudgerikar, CR’s chief spokesperson said.

Between 2009 and 2010, as many as 28 movies were shot on CR property, including Rajnikanth’s famous Robot, which alone helped the railways earn around Rs68 lakh. In a fight sequence in Robot, goons attack Rajnikant and Aishwarya inside a local train.

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