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The Paso Digital Film Festival uncorks it’s 2010 blend

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The 2010 digital venture will be webcast to the world on multi-platforms via Internet, TV, several social networks and webcasting sites, mobile applications, websites and portals.

The PDFF announces a new partnership with Openfilms.com where the festival will be broadcast live in HD on the festival’s channel.

To produce and create a HD Virtual Digital Film Festival Buffalo Benford Productions, and the PDFF has also partnered up with Kerry Wallum, David Von Roehm from Willie Nelson’s Luck Films to co produce the live and virtual live elements of the digital wild west film fest in association with Fast Talkn’ Productions, Ningun Films, Tip Jar Productions, and Kulabyte.

An important part of thePDFF is our Salute To Children and Youth, PDFF wants to shed light on the darkness that they suffer, and honor the film makers that expose their plights.

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