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Hong Kong film at Oranges shows struggle between opposites

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The newly finished 47th Golden Orange Film Festival was marked by a number of films carrying socio-political messages, especially “Echoes of the Rainbow” by Alex Law Kai-Yui.

Set in 1969 Hong Kong, the film is full of reflections on corruption, the deepening gap among social classes, poverty and prevailing unhappiness.

Narrated by 8-year-old Jin-Er, who is often called by the nickname Big Ears, the film seems to be a constant search for happiness, fairness and equity in the middle of a “half-difficult, half-wonderful” life, in the child’s mother’s own terms.

This socio-economic difference is most obvious in the typhoon scene, where the Law family has to physically hold on to the roof of their shop, which they use as their home at the same time, so it does not fly away in the terrible wind.

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via Hurriyet Daily News

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