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October 2008

In case you haven’t got a clue to what the title means, it directly translates to Island of Ghosts. I guess this pretty much sums up the start and the end of this horror film set on an offshore island in Singapore.

Sinema speaks with Marc X Grigoroff, the familiar voice behind many an ad and more importantly, the director of the most recently released Singapore films, Salawati. Watch the insightful first part of this two-part interview below!

Pulau Hantu (PG) Director: Esan Sivalingam 2008 | Horror | English | 90mins | $8

Di (Little Brother)  (PG) 2006 | Drama | English & Mandarin with English subtitles | 7 mins Director: Michael Kam

Confessions of a Burning Man (nc-16) 2003 | Documentary | English | 87 mins | $8 Director: Paul Barnet, Unsu Lee

I catch up with the sparkling blonde who plays Kate in upcoming local film, Carrot Cake Conversations, directed by Michael Wang. Full name: Danielle Lisa O’Malley Age: 22 Occupation: Actor