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Indie Recommendations: Weird Works guaranteed to tilt your chair!

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Indie webisodes are the latest rage these days and we are proud to recommend the Weird Works by BLK A Pictures
Currently featuring 2 episodes and I must say we at Sinema.SG can’t wait for MORE!!! We are trying to get hold of the team behind this project and speak to them. Meanwhile, enjoy!

Episode 1 – Victory (Pilot)

Episode 2 – Attitude

From the website:

This is a project and concept unlike others. It is an idea derived and concocted by all and for all, specifically made to entertain and to entice. The archival is a series of atrociously bizarre video short stories made for the internet community. Dealing with a fictional side of life, the aim of this project is to give cue to the strange side of things and to titilate both lobes of the brain. Blending horror along with humour, we call it horrour, for short. There is nothing more powerful in life than one’s imagination. So sit back and enjoy this visual trip. We are proud to present you, The Tilted Chair Chamber.
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