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Smell of Rain

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Excerpts from the official website:

“Smell of Rain 【雨之味】, a Mandarin language film, is a simple poignant story about Xiao Qi (Nathaniel Ho), a lonely young man, trapped in his childhood grief of being abandoned just before a rainstorm. The film uses the recurring motif – “the smell of rain” to transport the protagonist back to his painful past. It explores the bittersweet, heartbreaking and yet tender moments that Xiao Qi experiences as he is reminded of the past while being shown the promise of the future.

Xiao Qi, together with a childhood best friend, Kong Long (Trey Ho), creates a haven where the rest of the world is kept at bay. The arrival of a girl, Li Er (Leah Low) rudely disrupts the dynamics of this static world and Xiao Qi is forced to confront reality as he struggles to break free from the shackles of his past. In the process, he learns to live by learning to love – but will it be too late? Ending with a surprising twist, Smell of Rain sends a message of courage, hope and fresh beginnings.”


Directed by Gloria Chee
Produced by Gloria Chee
Screenplay by Gloria Chee & Eileen Cheng
Cinematography by Terris Chiang
Music by Tay Chee Wei

Running time: 93 mins.
Released in March 2006.

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